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Before and After School Age

Kids Haven Community Child Care provides an atmosphere for school age children to come together to enjoy projects, make friendships, work on homework and participate in a variety of activities.

Together with the early child educators, the school age children will plan activities that are fun, exciting and designed to promote feelings of accomplishment, pride and self-esteem. Organized games and projects help to stimulate teamwork while cooperative games will aid in problem solving. Children will have the freedom for individual choice which includes arts and crafts, putting on puppet shows, listening to appropriate music, completing puzzles, playing card games, reading a book or simply having conversations with friends. Each child is valued as an individual and as an important part of the group. Our School Age Programs offer nutritious snacks and is an ideal environment for Professional Activity Days, March Break and during the Christmas Holidays. Gross motor games are experienced in a large gymnasium or in the outdoors where children are encouraged to develop leadership skills through a series of activities such as basketball, baseball, soccer and volleyball as well as cooperative games, Children will have the choice to relax or enjoy an appropriate game on computer that are offered within the programs at each centre. A clear emphasis is placed on the importance of being
courteous, respectful and responsible. Children are encouraged to develop leadership skills with the support and guidance from our educators.