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Centre Philosophy

Kids Haven Community Child Care offers a unique opportunity for all children to develop in a diverse play based environment socially, physically, emotionally, cognitively and through literacy. Our centre strives to meet the needs of every child as well as to create an atmosphere that fosters independence and optimal development. Our centre firmly believes in quality child care that encompasses qualified trained staff, an inclusive program that respects individual abilities, needs and strengths as well as an environment that develops a child’s self- esteem by ensuring they feel valued and cared for as individuals. Our staff acknowledges that the needs of children come first in addition to their best interests which is always of paramount importance. Kids Haven values working in partnership with our families to ensure that children are in a secure and supportive environment.

Kids Haven offers a healthy environment for all children at all times; offers a warm,
receptive and stimulating environment; offers opportunities for children to develop self-
expression, enhance language and numeracy development and experiences that promote
knowledge and understanding of their environment and the world around them; offer
coordination between child care and school programs when appropriate; offers opportunities for family involvement and partnership; offers opportunities for the children to learn through play and enhance their problem-solving skills while interacting with peers; and enhance a child’s self-esteem by providing safe risk-taking opportunities in a safe and well prepared environment. Kids Haven endeavours to keep their highly qualified, well-trained, well-paid and well-supported staff content, so that they are better able to respond to all children, to plan and support developmentally appropriate programming, and to provide care that respects diversity and values all children as well as their families.