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Child Staff Ratios

Kids Haven Community Child Care adheres to all guidelines as set out by the Ministry of Education. In all of our programs Kids Haven believes in staffing more Early Childhood Educators as compared to the minimum which required by the Day Nurseries Act. Kids Haven believes in high quality child care and sets the standards high to uphold our Program and Centre Philosophy. Below you will find the number of staff required for a centre by the different age groupings.

Number of Staff Required for a Day Nursery other
than a Day Nursery for Handicapped Children
Age of Children in Group Ratio of Employees to Children Maximum Number of Children in a Group
1 under 18 months of age 3 to 10 10
2 18 months of age and over up to and including 30 months of age 1 to 5 15
3 more than 30 months of age up to and including 5 years of age 1 to 8 16
4 over 5 years of age and less than 6 years of age 1 to 12 24
5 6 years of age up to and including 9 years of age 1 to 15 30