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Enrichment Programs

Virtuosi Sound Music Program

Kids Haven Community Child Care offers “Virtuosi Sound” as presented by Fabiana Aiko founder and music educator. Virtuosi Sounds Music Program is designed for children 18 months to 6 years old. The course is based on stimulation of children’s listening, inhibitory control, literacy and fine/gross motor skills. As part of the program, activities are based on  recognizing sounds, circle dances, storytelling, relating visuals to sounds heard, movement, and exploration of assorted instruments. A 30 minute class will be presented to all our programs with the exception of our School Age children. Typically, a class includes vocal play, focused listening, movement, instrument play, story time, poems and most of all FUN!


Kids Haven offers Sportplay which is a multi-sport program for children for our School Age children as well as the younger children which is offered during the summer months. The focus is to teach and develop the gross motor skills of running, jumping, throwing, catching and striking in a fun, positive, non-competitive program. Children will also develop athletic skills including chasing/tagging, dodging/deking, collecting/gathering, body movement, body manipulation and equipment manipulation. Sportplay programs are creative, active and play- based so every kid has an equal opportunity to learn and have fun.

Rainbow Fun

The Rainbow Fun program is an excellent activity program offered at Kids Haven by our Early Childhood Educators who have received training through the City of Toronto to deliver the program. The goal of the program is for children 18 months and older to listen to music as well as to increase participation and enjoyment while engaging in active listening activities. The music will lead children through a series of defined stretches, exercises/ movement as well as relaxation. The program uses creativity to create an atmosphere of fun and excitement.