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Enrolment Policy

Kids Haven Community Child Care is licensed for 97 children. Admission to one of these spaces is specific to the availability of space within a program as children move to the next program or withdraw from the centre. Further, admission is based on the age of your child and what program they are eligible to be enrolled. Children younger than the specified age for a program will only be granted submission on approval by the City of Toronto if a subsidy is granted or if the centre’s program is within the allowable 20% underage requirements as set out in the Days Nursery Act. The Executive Director or Supervisor will admit new children based on a waiting list in accordance with the following priorities: children currently enrolled in the program, siblings of children in the program, children who attend Cresthaven Public School or people who live and work with the communities. If a space still cannot be filled with the priorities outlined, children living outside the area will be granted a space within the centre they have applied to. Part-time spaces will only be made available at the discretion of the Executive Director and subject to availability.

If for any reason we are unable to offer a space for your child, your child’s name will be placed on our waiting list and families will be contacted once the space is available. Once a space is granted parents will be asked to fill out a registration package. Parents will also submit a non-refundable registration fee along with fees equivalent to 2 weeks security deposit. Further, a photocopy of your child immunization records must be submitted. Children will not be permitted into the program until the registration papers have been completely filled out and with the approval of our Executive Director and/or Supervisor. Post dated cheques will be supplied to the office on your child’s first day as outlined in your child care fee schedule. Upon the decision to withdraw your child from the centre, one month’s written notice must be provided Failure to provide notice will result in the loss of the deposit.