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Kids Haven Montessori Enriched Curriculum

Kids Haven Community Child Care offers a Montessori Enriched Curriculum for our Senior Preschool Program. The Montessori Method of teaching aims for the fullest possible development of the whole child, ultimately preparing them for life’s many rich experiences. Children will learn together through hands-on materials that are presented in a prepared environment. Our entire Program will be structured to fulfill the child’s genuine need for safe exploration, healthy boundaries, movement, play, hands-on and intellectual learning, communication, timelessness, emotional safety, tension release and time in nature. The need of being witnesses and making personal choices is honoured. Children will engage in Sensorial Activities which will allow for the intelligent exploration of the environment and will lead children to fundamental abstract thinking. Sensorial activities will prepare the children to become more analytical with their thought processes. Further, the child’s senses will become more refined as they gather more accurate information. Children will engage in Practical Life activities that will bring a high level of concentration, developing a child’s sense of order and pride of their work. These activities will further increase their sense of independence for themselves and their environment, and show respect for their teachers and themselves. Spoken Language Activities such as, oral language, phonemic awareness and the concepts of printed words will provide the foundation of literacy development which is crucial in the preschool years. An enriched Montessori program has a busy, productive atmosphere where joy and respect abound.