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Program Philosophy

Kids Haven Community Child Care focuses on creating anti-biased programs and
environments that recognize each child as an individual with unique interests, culture,
capabilities and family experiences. Kids Haven believes that a planned curriculum
supports early learning by providing structure and direction which will support the development
of capacities and skills while respecting a child’s interests and choices.

Our staff will incorporate Ontario’s “Early Learning For Every Child Today” framework, as a
guide to their curriculum planning combined with the interests of the children in each of their
respective programs. The framework is a guide that describes how young children learn and
develop while supporting curriculum and pedagogy in early childhood settings such as ours. The Early Learning for Every Child Today complements, rather than replaces specific curricular and pedagogical approaches which aids in providing direction to all programs at Kids Haven. The framework features a continuum of developmental skills and a shared language that can be found on our organizations weekly program plans.

At Kids Haven our educators will create specific goals for each child that support
self-regulation, identity, social inclusion, health and well-being, language, thinking skills and
physical skills,
as well as the foundation knowledge and concepts for literacy and numeracy.
These goals will be derived from daily observations made on each child in each program in
order to identify what goals are needed to support a child’s learning.

We are committed to a play-based environment because we believe that play is a means to
early learning that capitalizes on children’s natural curiosity and exuberance. Children are active
participants in their environment and will be given opportunities to make choices that enable
them to learn how to problem solve, socialize, share and learn about the world around them.
The planned curriculum will be based on activities emerging from the assessed developmental
needs of the children and their interests. Our daily routines will all allow for a balance of indoor
and outdoor play, small and large group activities, and an afternoon rest period as well as two
snacks and lunch. Our staff will strive to bring about collaboration between the home and the
centre in ways that enhance the child’s development while respecting the dignity of each family

The success of the program will be demonstrated by the children’s ongoing developmental
progress and the ease with which they adapt to the daily routines and their interactions with
each other and with our staff.