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Toddler Program

Kids Haven Community Child Care’s Toddler Program is created to guide your child in the
transition from the primarily sensory-motor world of the infant to the more social and interactive world of the Toddler. Our Toddler Program focuses on all aspects of growth, including language, self-help skills, socialization and motor development. Our special emphasis on language ranges from early identification of familiar objects, pictures, colours, and numbers as well as body parts. Toddlers will enjoy experiencing nursery rhymes, finger plays, music, storytelling, and art activities. Toddlers will begin, responding to simple questions and naming familiar sounds, to using 2-3 word sentences and understanding spatial relations and making comparisons.

Further, our Toddler Program will enhance motor skills through large and small muscle
activities, encourage and improve eye-hand coordination as well as balance with the
development of spatial relations. Toddlers will develop self-help skills and independence to prepare them for the successful transition into our Preschool Program.